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by Jim Babcock

Sat Mar 13 2004
Gamma 5 is final, with a few more bugfixes since RC2. See download link above.

Sun Mar 7 2004
A bug which caused spells to be forgotten after only one casting late in the game is fixed, in release candidate 2.

Fri Mar 5 2004
Gamma 5, release candidate 1, is up. A new dungeon generator is being used in a few places. Also, a build issue caused betas 5c and 5d to depend on Cygwin; this is fixed. This version is a release candidate, meaning that if all goes well it will be made into Gamma 5. For that reason, this version has some extra debugging code (hoping to catch stuff before it gets out), which may slow things down a little.

Sun Feb 15 2004
Beta 5d is done (late, but done). The main addition is the new monsters. Also, there are precompiled Linux binaries included, and the Windows port is much nicer. The crash on exit bug which affected beta 5c seems to be the result of a compiler issue; for now, I've switch to TIGCC 0.94, until the cause is identified.

Thu Jan 29 2004
Beta 5c is released, adding new items and spellcasting system, and populating the towns with interesting characters.
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Fri Dec 19 2003
When of beta 5a I said there was a "huge amount added", I spoke seriously. But compared to the just-released beta 5b, it was very little. Beta 5b has an entirely new world layout including towns and wilderness, two new classes (priest and necromancer), and a new magic system.
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Sun Nov 30 2003
Yes, it's been a long time, but Beta 5a is done and there's a huge amount added. This is the first version to use a bytecode-interpreted scripting language in the data file. It is now possible to steal from shops, spells now have material components, and fountains were added to the dungeon.
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Mon Apr 14 2003
There was one major bug when overwriting archived saved levels in RC1, which has probably been sitting there for quite a few versions, but which is now fixed. The new build is officially Gamma 4.

Sat Apr 12 2003
Development has been slow recently, due to interference from school and other such trivialities, and what time I have had has mostly gone into a related project (which will be the focus of the Beta 5-series). Anyways, I've decided to take what I have now and declare it a release candidate for gamma 4. This version includes a better compression method for saved games, a message history, and options to control archiving and grayscale.

Thu Mar 20 2003
Uploaded beta 4c. This is a bugfix-only release; it contains no new features, but fixes some important bugs that were present in beta 4b.

Sun Mar 16 2003
It's been a month-long lapse in development, but Beta 4b is done. Note that this version combines everything into one package, so the calculator, PC, and source downloads are no longer separate.

Tue Feb 18 2003
Released Beta 4a. This version implemts inventory quickmarking, implicit facing, and an options menu. It adds a large (7x7) tileset, wands of fire, and improved random number generation.

Wed Feb 12 2003
Gamma 3 RC 3 is now officially gamma 3. People using versions older than Gamma 3 RC 3 should update; there were many important bug fixes in recent versions. Mon Feb 10 2003
Release candidate 3 is up, fixing a crash on exit bug caused by the exception support; hopefully this will be the last release candidate. It will become final on Wednesday.

Thu Feb 6 2003
Uploaded release candidate 2, fixing a serious bug that slipped through.

Mon Feb 3 2003
Release candidate 1 for gamma 3 is up, with many important bug fixes, and a fiendish new AI for the giant spiders. This is a release candidate, so if no important bugs are found, it will be official next monday. (It will not go to ticalc.org until they start posting the files they get again.)

Sat Feb 1 2003
Released beta 3e. Fixed a critical bug and some minor ones, added two new monsters and an item, and improved PC color support and documentation. (Update: Re-uploaded with some debugging code that was left in removed.)

Mon Jan 27 2003
Released beta 3d. The main change is the inclusion of the Windows port, which is highly experimental, as well as some stability improvements for the calculator version. Note that saved games and score files are not in any way compatible between the PC and calculator versions.

Mon Jan 20 2003
Released beta 3c. This version adds a tutorial, improves the user interface, makes many balance changes, and fixes a major bug (memory leak).

Fri Jan 17 2003
Released beta 3b. This version works around a severe crash bug in TIGCC, moves many functions into a DLL, improves the user interface, and adds several spells and items. Download link above. Note: The first version uploaded of beta 3b had some debugging code left behind which disabled compression. If you have this version, re-download.

Fri Jan 10 2003
Released beta 3a. Moreso than previous betas, this should be treated as unstable; a great many things have been changed and introduced with little or no testing or balancing. Shops are in (about half-finished); there are four new monsters, three new spells, and five new item types. Two major bugs are fixed, and some minor ones as well; see readme.txt for details.

Sun Dec 22 2002
Release gamma 2 (download link above). Since this is a gamma release, it'll be on ticalc.org.
  • High scores list records causes of death
  • New monster: giant ant
  • Equipping message now shows identified form
  • Reduced chance for monsters to flee to 50% (per hit)
  • Added checksum to deter scorefile editing

  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed a severe bug with status indicator suppression and HW2 grayscale
  • Multi-selection menus now have selection initialized properly
  • Items are no longer generated on top of stairs

  • Fri Dec 20 2002
    Released beta 2b (download link above). It's been a long lapse between this version and last, but there's a lot added.

  • Added basic high-score keeping.
  • AI is now a FSM. Monsters will flee when at less than 1/4 HP, and regen 1 HP/4 rounds while doing so.
  • Combined all map meta-types into one
  • New item types: Silver arrow, silver bolt, silver dagger, silver-shod quarterstaff, silver mace, silver longsword, silver axe, bow of accuracy, crossbow of force, gauntlets of power, brass lantern
  • Added brass lantern to starting inventory for wizards and archers
  • Implemented running (shift+direction)
  • Implemented multi-drop command (shift+')'), multi-wear command (shift+'(') and multi-take-off command (shift+'T')
  • Added screen redraw key (CLR)
  • Different platforms now have different (correct) information in the quick reference section of the manual
  • Wrote, rewrote, copied, backed out, re-inserted, and gave up on code for shadowcasting.

  • Bug fixes
  • Derived extrinsics are now affected by extrinsic modifiers (ie rings of strength affect damage like they should)
  • Tweaked stat effects for balance
  • Camera is now positioned correctly when restoring saves
  • (PC) Multi-page menus now work properly
  • (PC) Menu displays no longer clobber messages
  • (PC) Menu displays no longer leave junk on the right edge of the screen
  • (PC) Adjusted tab stops to be more reasonable for an 80x25 terminal

  • Fri Nov 22 2002
    Released Beta 2a (download link above). Major changes: