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by Jim Babcock

The current version is Beta 6c (Downloads page, Changelog)


Beta 6c released
I've released Beta 6c. The PalmOS version should be stable now, and if it crashes you won't lose all your progress. There's a nice new quest for wizards and necromancers, and quite a few important bug fixes.

Download: TI-89 version, TI-92+/V200 version, Windows version, PalmOS version, Linux version, Source code, All TI calculator versions, All versions.

- Finished the tower quest, for wizards and necromancers. No spoilers in this changelog, but it involves lots of cool stuff.
- Checkpoint saves. A backup saved game is automatically made whenever you move to a new level, and restored if the game crashes.
Bug fixes
- (PalmOS) Fixed a stack overflow in the bytecode interpretter which caused crashes all over the place.
- (PalmOS) Fixed infinite prompt loop when running into a peaceful creature
- Fixed missing exit from tower area
- Fixed bug which could cause disconnected areas with the big-map generator
- Monsters won't be generated in the wilderness area
- Fixed bug that allowed duplicating items
- It is no longer possible to throw equipped non-missile weapons
- Balance changes to make the necromancer stronger

07 Dec 2004 by jimrandomh

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