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by Jim Babcock

The current version is Beta 6c (Downloads page, Changelog)


CalcRogue beta 6b released
CalcRogue beta 6b has been released, featuring numerous features and bug fixes for PalmOS users and a new quest. Download it now, or Read on for details.

Sorry this release took so long; school had been monopolizing my time. Here's what's new:
- Added configuration for hard buttons and pen strokes on PalmOS
- Added color support on PalmOS
- Added class-specific quest for fighters
- Added 'invert display' option on PalmOS
- Rewrote much of the data file compiler. The external data file is no longer limited to 64k, and calling into the data file is simpler
Bug fixes
- (Palm) Fixed bug which would leave behind a corrupt save file when ending the game in a way other than dying.
- Fixed screen not being redrawn after a dialog is shown
- (Palm) Switch video mode on devices which default to monochrome
- Fixed bridge troll not becoming active when attacked
- Fixed enter-map event triggering on save/restore
- Fixed save file cleanup on Unixlike systems
- Fixed key names not showing in Windows version
- Fixed buffer overrun in high-score keeping
- Item descriptions are now "(+N stat)" instead of "(N stat)"
- New PalmOS icons by Don Harned
- No more TIGCC tools suite dependency

24 Oct 2004 by jimrandomh

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