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by Jim Babcock

The current version is Beta 6c (Downloads page, Changelog)


Status of CalcRogue
It's been awhile since CalcRogue has had a release, or even an update. In short, I've been busy; between a heavy courseload this semester, other projects, and CalcRogue having been left at a somewhat awkward stage of development, I haven't been able to get much work done.

Right now I'm on spring break, so I'll have some time to work. My immediate plan is to revamp the game's scripting language - basically a rewrite of the script compiler. Right now the scripting is a bit nasty to work with and nastier to learn. If all goes well, when this is done I'll be able to put up a few tutorials on how to make quests, monsters and the like, and adding content will be easy. By that, I mean that it will be feasible for you the players to add new quests with only a minimum of programming knowledge.

I'd also like to get the PalmOS user interface polished, but that will probably have to wait.

20 Mar 2005 by jimrandomh

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