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by Jim Babcock

The current version is Beta 6c (Downloads page, Changelog)


What's been happening and what's coming
It's been awhile with no news here, but a great deal has been happening around CalcRogue. First of all, the web page has moved to a proper host with a reasonable domain. More importantly, this means the web page is no longer a toy static-html playground; I can put up real content. There is now a CalcRogue mailing list. It's empty right now, so subscribe and talk about CalcRogue!

The focus of beta 6a development is branching out. First, there's a PalmOS port which is nearly ready for public release. I've taken a drastically different approach to porting than iRogue/paleoHack/etc used, and (with a great deal of cleverness) have set it up so that the Palm port won't unduly burden the other ports. I've also come up with some UI cleverness which should make it quite playable without a keyboard (as opposed to iRogue/etc which are sort-of playable without a keyboard.) Second, CalcRogue is internationalizeable. The first translation is into Czech, by Thomas Navara, but I'm still looking for translators to do other languages. No knowledge of programming whatsoever is required - if you speak both English and another language fluently, and are willing to translate about a thousand strings, please let me know.

I don't like to give release dates, but I will say that there will probably be PalmOS prototypes (NOT a beta, but public) within a week. With that and a French translation I'll call it Beta 6a, and the focus of Beta 6b will be on the game's scripting language.

30 May 2004 by jimrandomh

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